Bailey Li is a self-realized visual artist and interior designer. She has spent 10 years specializing in commercial and residential design and became a visual artist in the process when she started painting abstract murals for her clients. Bailey’s real launch into her career as a professional artist came after EGOT winner Whoopi Goldberg purchased two of her installation pieces and encouraged her to continue her mission to create art celebrating the feminine and freedom. Bailey has made a reputation for herself through her famous murals and wall textures. Her breathtaking walls combined with her fresh and fearless design perspective are what make her stand out in the industry.

Naturally with her burgeoning artistry comes the unyielding need for broader creative expression. She satiates this need through careful collaboration with other visual artists, fashion designers, and photographers to create installations and other works of art. Her art has not gone unnoticed; Bailey's most noteworthy and recent endeavor is being showcased among fifty interior design luminaries in the "Iconic Home" book authored by June Reese, VP of Black Interior Designers Network. In October 2018, Bailey partnered with a collective of women from varied creative backgrounds to launch FEM/N/3D at the annual Newark Arts Festival. The exhibit contained large-scale installations and visual art by Bailey that garnered the attention of the media. Bailey was recently a featured designer in Small Cool Spaces NYC in 2023 hosted by Apartment Therapy, collaborated with Benjamin Moore for a live painting demo in the D&D Building in NYC, and has partnered with the famous Property Brothers on their Casaza furniture line.

Her attention-grabbing work has been featured on NBC’S Open House NYC, House Beautiful Magazines’ Style Improvised, Designers Today Magazines fashion issue, New York Mag’s Curbed, Essence Magazine. House Beautiful listed Bailey as one of 29 Black Designers Making History and THE NEW YORK DESIGN CENTER named Bailey a rising star and Design Ambassador. Her work has also been mentioned in Fast Company, Forbes,, Apartment Therapy, XONecole, PBS’s State of the Arts; a program highlighting extraordinary people, communities, and works of art from around the world to name a few.

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