Thomas Fuchs Creative

Thomas Fuchs Creative brings craftsmanship by skilled artisans to market previously only available to the trade. Traditional techniques such as hand carving, lost wax casting and glass blowing are accessible at a price point without compromising the design aesthetic. Launching into the retail market with a line of Bar ware gives an entree to a genre that now includes carpets and area rugs.

TFC brings a twist to the common perspective with the collections such as "Remains" using the skull as a tool for inspiration; "Botanicals" of killer plants and inlaid unassuming "Bubbles". Thomas Fuchs offers the consumer to build a timeless collection of daily objects that evoke emotion while being functional.

Expanding on their already wide assortment of products, Thomas Fuchs & Michou Mahtani of Thomas Fuchs Creative are stepping into a new category for their next collection. A full line of rugs which depict characters you certainly wouldn’t want to step on.

Paying homage to previous TFC collections in other mediums serpents and bugs make their appearance lending a whimsical angle to a classic design. We have introduced to the “Word Collection" fun sayings like “Your loss babe” and “Maybe swearing will help,” as well as a “Currency” rug collection. No TFC line would be complete without the iconic “Skull” print displayed in royal blues and muted purples which add sophistication to any room.

As part of their mission, working with skilled artisans to keep traditional methods of production alive, TFC carefully sought out our team at Ruggle Up combining our skills to produce truly beautiful pieces done by hand-knotting in addition to machine-knotted floor rugs.

Additionally, working with a team that values eco-friendly practices. The production of their floor furnishings is governed by a ‘reuse and recycle’ policy. Recycled denim, yarn made from rice husk, recycled hosiery fabric, and PET yarn are used to make carpets, rugs The new collection is set to release SUMMER 2024 and is perfect for that last special touch to a truly unique room.

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